The Karams of Lebanon


National Hero of Lebanon Youssef Boutrus Karam


The KARAM ancestry traces back to the longest family of rulers. Abu Karam is recognized in Lebanese history to be the very first ruler of the entire Jebbat Besharre region in 1624. The Karam family continued to govern Edhen and the surrounding territories from generation to generation for close to three hundred years. Born to their very noble bloodline is Youssef Boutros Karam, the revolutionary leader and national hero who devoted his life to the liberty of all Lebanese during the Ottoman occupation.

Among the admirable traits of the Karams is their unwavering Christian faith and their loyalty to the Church, which they defended and protected.

The National Hero of Lebanon is laid to rest inside a glass coffin inside St. George Church in Ehden where he reamins venerated up to this very day. His body miraculously remains in excellent condition without any chemical preservation. The people’s champion died in exile in Italy, was buried there and brought back to Lebanon by ship on 1889

0May KARAM be an inspiration to future generations in the pursuit of a free and independent Lebanon. In September 1932, a bronze statue of Karam on his horse was erected in his memory at St. George Church, Ehden, as a monument to the man who devoted his life to the liberty of all Lebanese people.