The Carams of the Philippines

Grand Old Man

Iloilo Governor Fermin Caram, M.D. “The Grand Old Man of Iloilo”

“According to the United States General Robert Shoe, their orders were to completely destroy Iloilo City but because of Governor Caram’s message, “NO MORE JAPS,” which was ingeniously written using lime on the grounds of their mansion, the complete destruction of Iloilo was aborted and thousands of innocent lives were saved.”

- March 21, 1945

THOMAS CONFESOR, Secretary of Interior, acknowledges Dr. Caram as a TRUE HERO and PATRIOT, in risking his life for the cause of the resistance movement. Confessor publicly admitted during his grand welcome at the Iloilo Trade School in La Pas, Iloilo City that he authorized Dr. Caram to accept the Governorship position in the Japanese government, for him to carry his secret mission in helping the resistance… -  from the book of Abe Gonzales, Dr. Fermin Caram, The Grand Old Man of Iloilo.

Robert Shoe