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Travel, explore and discover the world…
at the comfort of your home!

To our viewers, we reaffirm to you our commitment in bringing to the comfort of your homes the best of the islands. We would like you to travel with us and feel the excitement, experience the thrill and be fascinated and amazed by each and every feature we broadcast on your Island Living Channel.

To our advertisers, our goal is to continue providing you high-quality and affordable TV commercials and features at par with international standards. We stand committed in doing our best to promote your brand and exceed your expectations.

Service beyond advertising, we create a lifestyle

It is the vision of Island Living Channel to be one of the leading lifestyle cable and satellite television conglomerates in the world. We aim for our network to strenghthen our advantage of being a household name when it comes to travel and lifestyle and the top-of-mind when advertising on cable television. We stand by our taglineĀ “Service Beyond Advertising. We Create a Lifestyle”