About The Chairman



One of the pillars of ISLAND LIVING CHANNEL is their founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Radjie Caram, Jr. This young Filipino-Lebanese media mogul has a solid and rich business background with the training’s from one of the country’s top schools. A business graduate of La Salle, RCJ always looks forward to pioneering endeavors with a brilliant sense of business acumen.

RCJ established ISLAND LIVING MAGAZINE, the first and only lifestyle magazine in Bacolod City. RCJ began the business humbly, trying to be financially independent but a loving son to his parents, Radjie Sr.  Dr. Lucy Caram, a haciendero & medical doctor.

Armed with only a dream and determination to succeed, he began the business at the second floor of Lourdes Caram’s business establishment. Rental and office furniture were free. He brought with him his personal computer. There were only two desks, his table and the table of his layout artist. RCJ was the editor, photographer, writer, researcher, marketing executive and magazine distributor. He had only one employee then, a layout artist.

That was genesis.

Our Chairman also pioneered producing televised variety shows held in a mall in Bacolod. Again, with sheer determination and perseverance, SIKAT TV FAMILY MALL SHOWS was born. It was Tiffany Estrella who suggested the name “SIKAT TV.” Tiffany is one of the closest friends of RCJ who was always there ready to lend a helping hand. She would close her store, Tiffany’s, on that day and bring her staff to help run the mall show. The rest is history. Despite with limited budget, Chairman RCJ made SIKAT TV the very first full production outfit during its time to provided televised total family entertainment inside a mall.

ISLAND LIVING CHANNEL began its maiden broadcast with second hand facilities on a building owned by Nene and Lourdes Rojas. Editing and rendering would take a very long time because of the old computers. But quality was never compromised. Island Living Channel was known since then to produce superior video quality at par with national standards.

RCJ recalls the humble beginnings of the television network. Island Living Channel changed community cable history by pioneering 24-hour broadcast of a lifestyle channel and by improving local cable programming which is recognized to be the best in the region.

The company was able to grow strong because of the unconditional support of friends such as sugar leader Nene Rojas, Jonathan & Liza Lo, Julius Esmeralda and Hardy Yap. RCJ’s gratitude extends also all the network’s advertisers and friends for their continued trust and support.

Island Living Channel is now considered the No. 1 and the largest lifestyle cable conglomerate in the Philippines.

Chairman RCJ is the eldest son of Radjie Sr. and Dr. Lucy Caram, and brother to Gabriel and Dr. Radcibel and uncle to Lukas Evan and Khalil Sanchez.

RCJ’s passion is writing. It is his dream to publish books eventually. He began his career in media as a regular society columnist for the Visayan Daily Star, Western Visayas’ biggest and most trusted newspaper. He credits the guidance and teachings of his mentor, Visayan Daily Star President Ninfa Leonardia, and for being his inspiration.


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